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HD - Southern Cali-born adult actress Phoenix Marie recently spoke with VladTV about how she left a job selling Harley Davidsons to eventually become a successful star.

Marie, who says she used to routinely put in 80 hours a week doing finance for the motorcycle company, says she was approached about attending an AVN convention.

"I was so nervous. I wore my business outfit, because we went in the morning...and I didn't obviously want to tell friends and family 'oh yeah, we're going to a convention...'"

After recalling being handed business cards, Marie said she did her first scene about 10 months later.

"Voodoo was the male talent, he tore me -- vaginally," Marie said about her very first scene.

Check out the rest of the clip to hear more from Phoenix Marie about the rise of her career and how she's able to remember the exact number of scenes she's performed in, and even what positions she used.

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