Lisa Ann: My Industry Is Very Racist, No Doubt About It

Lisa Ann discussed the undeniable racism that exists within the adult film industry in this clip from her exclusive interview with VladTV.

Lisa began by stating that the porn industry "is very racist, there's no doubt about it." She provided an example of how this racism towards shooting interracial scenes has occurred throughout her career beginning back in the 1990s. Lisa has always found interracial intimacy to be very arousing as well as artistic in many ways, and never quite understood why there was such a racist roadblock set in place to prevent interracial scenes from becoming more frequently practiced.

Lisa has advised many female performers to follow their hearts and participate in interracial scenes even if they are being advised otherwise by their agents. She recalled working with a woman through her production company who had just filmed her first interracial scene, and was inquiring about being paid more money for them in the future. Lisa's response to the actress' subliminal racism was priceless.

How do you feel about interracial porn?

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